Journalism and Criticism by Cynthia Rose
Journalism covering the arts, arts politics, fashion, urban life, cultural events and social issues + radio features and online reportage.

Fuller list of employers and publications in Curriculum Vitae including books
Random cultural topic samples
French and Frisky: The Man Behind Astérix, February 2018, The Comics Journal
Extreme Biography: Edvard Munch's Life as Comic Book, March 2015, The Comics Journal
Pablo Picasso and Charlie Hebdo, 9 January 2015, The Comics Journal
The Belgians Who Changed Laughter, 11 September 2015, The Comics Journal
Double Vision, The Jewellery of Romilly Saumarez Smith, October 2012, Crafts UK (PDF)
Impressionism & Fashion, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, February 2013 Crafts UK (PDF)
The History of Jell-O, Seattle Times US
Vivienne Westwood at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Crafts UK
Bluesman Robert Johnson: A Magnet for Myths, Seattle Times
• Profile samples

David Bowie, Interviewed for City Limits, 1983, RocksBackPages
Stéphane Hessel, 80 years of activism, Franglaise
"Soldier, tranny, swordsman, spy: the Chevalier d'Eon", Franglaise
Neville Brody, typographer, International Herald Tribune
Activist teacher Susan Hankla, The Guardian

Art catalogue example: Conrad Atkinson: Not Art But Bombs

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