"Living in America: The Soul Saga of James Brown" by Cynthia Rose
Written when James Brown was serving time, "Living in America" looks at how one performer's career changed music forever, both in different eras and across genres.

James Brown, early presskit photo

From segregated ballrooms and barbershops to modern turntables and boutiques, the music of JAMES BROWN has made this performer a global legend. But what does it mean when James Brown screams? Why has his groove been heard around the world?

"Living in America: The Soul Saga of James Brown" lets the Godfather himself explain, aided by his musical partners. The story is told in his words and in the words of Vic ky Anderson, Bobby Byrd, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis and Maceo Parker.

The book also explores the thoughts of many who have become his inheritors, DJs such as Afrika Bambataa, Tom Joyner and Jazzie B, plus cultural figures from prince and NWA to the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

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