Consultancy work by Cynthia Rose
Has worked on program planning, communications and historic research, as well as advising on media relations.
PR photo for 1987 British National Jazz Awards, taken by Colin Thomas


(Alphabetical order)

Alliance Française; art curation (including shows by Gary Panter, Ian Wright, Jim Woodring, Rubén Ortiz Torres, Harrod Blank and Pierre-François Beauchard (David B.); Artspace Projects, Inc (on Artists and the Media); the Arts Council of Great Britain; BBC Radio; BBC World; the British Film Institute; the British National Jazz Awards; deluxe quarterly (co-founder); Fantagraphic Books; Fox Carnival (Notting Hill Carnival youth organisation); Holly Snapp Gallery; Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Jack Straw Productions; US National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, US; Microsoft Corporation; Real World UK; MTV Europe News; London South Bank Arts complex (The American South Festival)

Fashion from deluxe magazine, US/UK
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